A New Era in Seminar Marketing: Diana Cabrices Named Chief Evangelist of White Glove

My passion for effective advisor marketing is no secret, and today, I have an exciting announcement to make!

I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with White Glove, where I now serve as their Chief Evangelist! This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a meeting of minds and a promise of excellence.

In my role at White Glove, I’ll be responsible for building upon the company’s already well-respected brand and continuing to advance advisors’ marketing efforts through education. I resonated completely with the company’s vision and I knew I had to join forces with them. With White Glove, you don’t just get to work with another digital agency, you’re offered a full-service concierge program that takes all the grunt work off the advisor’s plate.

So, what does my partnership with White Glove entail, and what does it mean for financial advisors? Let’s first answer that question by diving into what White Glove brings to the advisor marketing table.

What is White Glove?

White Glove distinguishes itself as a trailblazer in the realm of marketing services, offering a suite of solutions tailored to financial advisors’ unique needs.

At the heart of White Glove’s mission is the goal to relieve marketing burdens that often weigh down financial industry leaders. In doing so, White Glove allows advisors to focus on what they do best—serving their clients.

In fact, what makes White Glove stand out is how they value authentic connections. They believe that seminar marketing’s power lies in how genuine it is, creating unforgettable learning experiences each time. Nothing warms a lead faster than an advisor being in the middle of the conversation, building real and meaningful connections!

Their Done-For-You, performance-based seminars and post-seminar conversion campaigns allow you to devote your time to advising clients and promoting their financial health. White Glove does it all for you, so you can:

  • Become a credible expert in your community.
  • Learn workshop best practices. 
  • Identify optimal markets using Success Zone technology
  • Streamline your administrative and marketing tasks.

To learn more, visit the White Glove website and feel free to schedule a 1-1 chat with us.

The White Glove Experience

How is working with White Glove different from working with another company?

You don’t just get new leads with White Glove, and you don’t just nurture your old ones either. Even better, we do both and handle all the tedious tasks advisors are supposed to do. We know you have much on your plate, so we’re here to save you time (let’s face it — advisors just don’t have time to get stuck in all the moving parts of a successful marketing strategy).

As for me, I’ve always associated White Glove with highly personalised service. It’s why I accepted the company’s heartwarming welcome. The firm provides a full-stack digital marketing concierge service, powered by intelligent technology and led by great people. 

Along with these workshops that generate leads, White Glove’s marketing team takes care of ongoing nurturing and engagement for your prospects and clients. We get your business, we know your marketing, and we’ll be the driving force behind your marketing and sales pipelines—getting you ROI faster than you ever imagined.

Essentially, we fill the room, you wow the crowd and White Glove does all the rest. We’ll help you position yourselves as the financial advice experts that you truly are.

Now’s the Time to Grow With White Glove!

As I step into this new role as Chief Evangelist for White Glove, I’m excited to empower financial advisory firms to reach their full potential. With White Glove, anything is possible!

Ready to make your next marketing move the RIGHT one? Go to whiteglove.com/diana and let’s chat about how we can help you grow.

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