How Event Marketing Combined With Technology Helps Financial Advisors Book More Appointments

Financial advisors have packed schedules, there’s no doubt about it. And as one of them, we know you’re also looking to expand your business.

One effective business growth strategy is hosting educational events on financial topics, such as seminars or workshops, to educate and inform current and future prospects. Events can be a powerful lead generation tool for financial advisors, with the end goal of filling your pipeline, warming up prospects, and converting them into viable leads for your business. And there are so many ways to supercharge this effort with White Glove and Asset-Map!

As passionate experts in the field, Alison Susko, VP of Community at Asset-Map, and I are excited to share why White Glove and Asset-Map are a winning marketing combination for advisors. Today’s blog will be full of ideas and inspiration, so read on!

The Power of Visuals & Stories When Engaging with Prospects

Did you know that 60% of people are visual learners? Visually appealing content can grab attention, evoke emotions, and deliver information entertainingly and concisely.

To add, 72.5% of marketers plan to use more visual content this year. This number demonstrates how fast visual content has grown and how effective it is in almost any presentation or event.

With visual tools, your audience can easily understand complex data (perfect for the world of finance). You can show that data to clients during prospect meetings to keep them engaged. 

It’s not just fun and a mental exercise to make visuals. It’s also a very effective way to engage prospective customers and foster deeper relationships with existing ones. Visuals help advisors position themselves as true educators beyond the title of financial advisors.

As a financial advisor, you’ll eventually realize that talking to your clients one-on-one isn’t enough to communicate your message. Emails aren’t enough, either. You also need to supplement visuals to meet their learning needs where they are.

Visuals will help your clients retain your advice better and implement it. People believe in what they see more than what they hear, after all.

How To Incorporate Asset-Map Visuals At Your Next Event

When presenting at your next event, consider Asset-Map visuals to illustrate your points and tell your stories.

Alison firmly believes a financial picture can make a thousand decisions. And it’s for this reason that they’ve created a Discovery tool that offers visual experiences. All household members, entities, financial assets, liabilities, cash-flows, and insurance policies are displayed in one place. Using this method, an advisor can easily identify and address gaps in a financial plan.

What’s especially remarkable about the Asset-Map Discover tool is its ability to properly prospect and find out about folks you’ll be meeting with in the future before they come into the meeting – it’s second to none. Asset-Map’s visuals will help you get to that place of credibility and trust super fast, which will eventually convert clients.

So where could the Asset-Map Discovery tool fit into an event?

Your event needs a strong call to action, but at White Glove we encourage you to prepare multiple calls to action. While you can introduce a few ways people can book a meeting with you, or use the sticky note method, think about the people who may not be ready to take that next meeting step with you, and what other options they have.

The Asset-Map Discovery tool is the perfect resource for prospects who want to chew on information at their own pace. Think of it as a special, secondary call-to-action before the event starts. 

Using this tool, you will gather information about your clients, which will then be translated into a visual map to help you visualize what financial information you need and do not need. It’s an effective way to engage prospects, build trust, and create a positive customer experience.

You’ve Got The Content Strategy, But How Do You Fill The Seats? (How White Glove Can Help)

When you host an event with White Glove, our role is to help you widen and fill the top of your marketing funnel. Over time, you’re narrowing your prospects down using your multiple calls to action and follow up messaging.

One way White Glove does this is with “The Workshop System“, a framework that focuses on helping you host events, as well as building relationships with potential prospects.

  1. The Workshop: Choose a topic important to your target audience.
  2. Call-to-Action: Give CTA 2-3 times during the workshop and tell your audience what they’ll expect.
  3. Special Offer: Promise them something if they attend the meeting. It could be an e-book, a checklist, a summary of the event, etc.
  4. Booking Meetings: Instead of relying on a digital strategy for people to book a meeting, you can use the Sticky Note method to book a meeting with you at the event.
  5. Reminders & Fit Calls: Call, email and text to set meetings, then hold “fit calls” to determine compatibility. Send reminders to attend meetings, too.
  6. 1-on-1 Meeting: Ask open-ended questions about why the prospect is there and their financial situation. A call like this should only last up to an hour.
  7. Pivot to Show Impact: Use conversion tools to show your clients what working with you can bring.
  8. New Client: Share your engagement strategy, set expectations for regular meetings, enroll in nurture campaigns and ongoing services.
  9. Keep Your Client: Have visuals like the Asset-Map Discovery tool to show and track performance. Mix technology and personalized touches to leave a lasting impression.
  10. Referrals: Make it easy for people to refer you with a system in place. Encourage clients to refer you to family, friends, and heirs by using testimonial marketing.

In Summary

The fusion of White Glove’s event marketing strategies and Asset-Map technology offers a powerful means for financial advisors to enhance their outreach efforts and secure more appointments.

Using virtual event platforms, social media, and compelling content, advisors can engage prospects on a deeper level, building trust.

I hope you’re ready to convert more attendees into appointment bookings with Asset-Map & White Glove!

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