Diana Cabrices Named Chief Evangelist at Wealthtender to Help Advisors Grow with Testimonial Marketing

Diana Cabrices named Chief Evangelist at Wealthtender

I am beyond excited to partner with Wealthtender as the company’s first-ever Chief Evangelist!

When I first learned about Wealthtender, my immediate thoughts were: “Huh? This is a no-brainer marketing platform for financial advisors. It’s mostly hands-free, taking the headache out of overcomplicated marketing tools. And for less than a dollar a day? I’m in.”

For those who have been navigating the confines of marketing rules within our industry for the past six decades, you are all too familiar with one long-standing prohibition: the ban on promoting client testimonials in marketing efforts. Well, that prohibition is finally over.

The prohibition is over (+ what advisors need to know about Wealthtender)

We’ve entered a new era — thanks to the updated SEC Marketing Rule — an era where financial advisors can leverage the immense value of client testimonials to reinforce their online authority. This change not only aids financial advisors in getting discovered more effortlessly, but also in converting more potential clients.

In this new role, I’ll be educating financial advisors on how to turn their testimonials into powerful drivers of business growth, but the value of Wealthtender does NOT stop there!

In addition to testimonial marketing, Wealthtender has a top-ranked domain authority and unrivaled find-an-advisor search capabilities. With a Wealthtender profile, financial advisors often find themselves with first-page placement on Google and increased visibility highlighting what makes them unique. Not to mention, a “Paid Web Listing” is a Top 5 Kitces Marketing Strategy, and we Iove good marketing insights backed by data. 

Another standout feature of Wealthtender is that advisors in the Wealthtender community have the chance to be featured in major media publications and popular finance blogs. Invitations to showcase your expertise are a weekly occurrence, opening doors to new opportunities for exposure and growth (and a fast-track to credibility building).

Interested in learning more about Wealthtender? 

Visit Wealthtender.com/diana to learn how you can grow your financial advisory business with our help.

Be sure to check out our partnership feature in this Think Advisor article, written by Jeff Berman. Thank you, Jeff!

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