The Growth Story of Maia Wealth: From 3 Advisors to a Team of 30 with Wealthbox

It’s hard to overstate how important client relationship management is in the fast-paced world of financial advising. When Maia Wealth had only three advisors, embracing Wealthbox was not only beneficial, but vital to their growth.

Blossoming into a formidable team of 30, Maia Wealth’s success story is a testament to the transformative power of leveraging the right technology.

Their growth is fuelled by Wealthbox, a CRM platform for financial advisors that has modernised the way they operate and interact with clients. 

Read about how Wealthbox provides them with a single, secure platform to manage client data, track activity, and improve client relationships.

How Maia Wealth Evolved into an Enterprise

Maia Wealth was started by seasoned financial advisors – Chandler, Desmond, and Scott – with a shared vision of providing unbeatable wealth management services.

In the course of growing their client base, the firm realized their existing systems weren’t enough to handle their expanding operations. They also wanted to better serve their clients and improve back office efficiency.

They used to use Asana to organize their client data. But when Maia Wealth got much larger, Asana couldn’t handle everything.

They then used Salesforce as they thought it would have the most integrations Maia Wealth needed for client data management. But when it came specifically to financial services, Wealthbox provided so much more (and the simplicity they couldn’t get with Salesforce). 

Wealthbox integrates seamlessly with the rest of Maia Wealth’s tools, enabling them to access all data they need in one place. It was the most appropriate fit for Maia Wealth’s needs in establishing itself as an enterprise.

The Turning Point: Embracing Wealthbox CRM

A key challenge Maia Wealth faced in the past was their old platforms’ clunkiness and low adoption. Now, they’re at almost 100% adoption in the office with Wealthbox! 

The CRM has become Maia Wealth’s central hub, pulling all of the data and tools they need into one place. Wealthbox is now Maia Wealth’s ultimate collaborative workspace, even allowing them to manage emails from their customers.

And Wealthbox’s business impact on Maia Wealth has been outstanding. It helped ensure no task or process was overlooked, and helped their support team manage inbound requests and streamline their entire process. 

Wealthbox has also enabled Maia Wealth’s financial advisors to stay on top of client management and be on the same page, using workflows to their advantage. Turnarounds have been a lot faster and more efficient, taking client services to the next level.

Wealthbox's Key Benefits According to Maia Wealth

Maia Wealth recommends Wealthbox as the only financial tool you’ll ever need. Even beginners will have no trouble navigating around the CRM because it’s so clean, sleek, and modern.

Wealthbox’s mobile app is also something that Maia Wealth loves. CEO Scott Marek says it’s the first thing he looks at each day as he checks his calendars, emails, notifications, and tasks that need to get done. He also appreciates how easy it is to access all of his clients’ information in one place. As a matter of fact, he wakes up with Wealthbox every day and loves it!

Maia Wealth's Testimonial to Effective CRM

Maia Wealth’s growth from three to 30 advisors is a compelling case study of how the right CRM can transform businesses.

Not only did Wealthbox streamline operations and enhance client relationships, but it also spurred innovation and scale.

In an industry that’s constantly changing, Maia Wealth shows how embracing technology like Wealthbox can unlock endless opportunities for success and growth.

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